Friday, December 15, 2017

Why E-Commerce Businesses Should Consider Cloud Hosting for Their Websites

The recent acquisition of Flipkart by Walmart, the biggest deal of 2018, shows the expanding dominance of E-commerce space. Having learned from the deal unfolded, where Walmart speculated the high-level of user engagement with high-frequency use cases in retail space, dictates the startups and small-to-medium E-commerce companies to take a plunge into soaring market opportunities.

People have been shopping online for more than two decades, and we have seen a number of iconic brands originate online. Scaling and plugging in e-commerce startups with a full-fledged website and app comes as a right decision and a perfect investment for the business.

There have been multiple advancements in this online retail ecosystem from websites to mobile apps; among the points to ponder is whether to choose an on-premise or a cloud-based online interface.

This article covers the main cloud hosting benefits for e-commerce websites.

1. Enhanced Accessibility

Give your users an easy access to any standard web browser through cloud computing. E-commerce business hosted on a cloud server enables suppliers, employees, partners and distributors to get easy access to information and make the processing smooth and swift.

2. Increased Scalability

Cloud hosting comes with a biggest advantage of scalability and elasticity. It allows businesses to scale at a faster rate. In the festival or holiday times, when there is much greater traffic on the websites and have to meet the pouring product demands, in such case installing a simple cloud system, adds a layer of scalability and on the same time gives you a flexibility to downgrade the scale later on when your demands are met.

3. Flexibility

For constantly evolving businesses, cloud-based e-commerce solution helps brands to quickly and conveniently add new sites for new business models (B2B or B2C), countries or brands all on a single platform and hence making it easier for brands to grab and respond to new upcoming market opportunities.

4. Security and Reliability

Cloud carefully monitors security, which is significantly more efficient than a conventional in-house system. Files stored in reliable cloud services are some of the most secure files one can have, provided they are protected by good passwords.

5. Easy Recovery

Reduce application downtime during IT interruptions, unexpected power interruption or system failure without compromising compliance by choosing cloud hosting for your Ecommerce business.

More or less, the four critical challenges notably scalability, flexibility, security and recovery can be mitigated in cloud computing deployment easily.

Seize the power of Cloud computing for your ecommerce website development. It takes your business to next level by providing improved cost efficiencies, faster time-to-market and upscale innovation that renders you an exceptional ability to scale applications on demand.

Anuradha Badone is a content writer and marketing strategist at Codiant software technologies Pvt ltd. She is interested in writing stuff on leading technology trends and digital marketing.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Use PHP With Laravel: Get Advanced Applications

Building advanced web application not only involves sheer complexities but requires the utmost dedication and attention of the developers as well. Since the time of its invention, Laravel framework is providing with such features and functionalities along with the authoritative superiority that most of the worldwide developers are showing great interest in it. Here is a list of the benefits that developers can avail using PHP with the Laravel framework.

Lightweight Templates

Building potential web applications now are absolutely easier with lightweight templates offered by this efficient framework. It not only gives the facilities of dynamic content seeding but also offers impressive layouts. Moreover, it includes a vast collection of potent widgets with JS codes and solid-structured CSS.

MVC Architecture

Another feature that developers find very intriguing in Laravel is its model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. Building a web application involves different development aspects. Handling all these aspects becomes effortless with Laravel. Additionally, it helps the developers to write legible and clean codes. Also, this method enhances the overall performance. As a result, coming up with clean documentation is easier when you use this framework.

Lean Development Services

This is one of the most interesting features offered by Laravel. Lumen is a micro-framework that follows the same principles as the Laravel but keeps its focus on the lean development. With the help of this, you can efficiently devise micro-projects with ease and quickly. Integrated features with a minimal configuration are the main highlight of it. Simply by copying the code, the migration between Lumen and Laravel is possible.

Modular and Extensible Framework

This framework is combination of 20 different libraries and all these libraries are the combinations of diverse effective modules. To enhance the entire development process, the Packalyst directory allows adding almost 5500 packages! With the help of this modular package system, building highly responsive web applications is possible within a time-efficient way.

Built-in Tools

Just like many other available web development frameworks in the market, Laravel offers a range of effective built-in tools, which help to streamline and enhance most of the common tasks. Crucial functions such as routing, caching, authentication etc. become easily executable using this framework.

Incorporated Authorisation Libraries

Unlike other popular web development frameworks, Laravel offers a unique feature of "auto complete". The libraries help to self-adjust different development settings based on the platform on which the application is running.

Other than all the above-mentioned features and benefits, unit testing is another aspect offered by Laravel that enriches the web development process.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why Enterprises Are Turning Towards ASP.NET Development Companies

There are millions of user-friendly websites but only a few of them gain popularity in the online world. Leveraged with engaging features and dynamic pages, only high-performing websites with cross-device compatibility win a race at the verge of cut-throat competition. In the presence of numerous programming languages, developers are quite specific when they choose one for their project. However, considering the tremendous upsurge of ASP.NET web development, the majority of service providers are using this programming language for many reasons.

Defining the rise of ASP.NET development companies

Developed & launched by Microsoft, ASP.NET became the first choice for effortless web development. According to Builtwith report, more than 40 million websites are currently powered by the ASP.NET framework that has been used for their customization & development. Being the most preferred programming language, it rules in the world of agile website development.

The growing demand for this web development reveals several factors to define that why this language is liked by professionals. However, one has to go through the below-mentioned pointers to know more about this popular programming language:

Microsoft released Active Server Pages.NET for the customization of dynamic & interactive webpages. It is used to develop a fully-functional website & web application in compilation with C# & VB.
Apart from using script languages, it enables the use of.NET languages like C#, J#, & more to create high-performing web apps via compatible development tool brought up by Microsoft.
It is inspired by the server-side technology & accessible on Windows server to host robust website based on this framework.
Unquestionably, using this framework is a fruitful way to come up with dynamic websites with lesser efforts & time. Almost every agencies mention the following advantages of utilizing ASP.NET:

Speedy development saves time: Integration of this framework serves the best opportunity for developers to reduce the customization & development time. Developers love using this programming language that significantly cuts down the time required to build large & complex apps embedded with error-free codes.
Great in terms of performance: It offers seamless navigation & uninterrupted accessibility on the cross platforms. With the combination of smart-caching, native optimization, just-in-time compilation, coding your website with this language not only simplifies development but also accelerates the website's performance.
Highly secure: Brought up by Microsoft, ASP.NET comes with built-in Windows authentication & application-based configuration that reduces security threats for a website's safety. Protected by OSI license, it shields an online platform for bugs & technical glitches.
Hassle-free maintenance: ASP.NET framework allows the integration of source code with HTML that makes it easy to use & maintain.
Using ASP. NET for web development multi-lingual support to developers. From data binding to page formatting, using this framework will be a splendid approach if you're heading to handle a web development project.