Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What Is the Most Important New Technology for Solving World Problems?

Years ago people of one country had to communicate with another country through analog telephones, fax and hand-written letters which was time consuming. With the advent of much newer technologies, it is possible now to correspond with one another conveniently and happily. The article focuses on this aspect. So read on to find out.

Solving world problems involves people. And they can use the technologies of cell phone, email and Skype to correspond, hold conversations and come to an agreement or solution.

With cell phones you can share your opinions in short and let each other know your point of views on a topic. Later you can go on Skype, going in more details. You can pursue the follow-ups of your conversations through email.

You can add people in a group on Skype; so can you can form a group in an email account such as Gmail. You can add or delete people as you like. The main idea is to work with a team of people to solve world problems.

You need to make your email and Skype accounts secure with strong passwords so that nobody is able to hack them. Your phone calls should be confidential and if you are using Viber, its password needs to be secure as well.

You may want to keep separate accounts for the important team of people so that you do not juggle up the conversations with your other less involved friends. That way you can track where you left off with your team of people regarding a world problem issue.

United States, Europe, Asia and Africa all need to contact with each other to solve their problems. So it is imperative that you have your own schedule about when to communicate with others via online meetings. It is good to send pre-written emails to your team/group to gently remind them about upcoming virtual meetings via the certain technology.

It would be a good idea to bring all of the people involved in a certain place to hold views and conversations. But virtual meetings are much better to hold reducing the cost of expenditure for stay in hotels and flights and therefore, saving time and energy.

So I would suggest cell phone, Skype and email correspondence are the best technologies to communicate with one another, discussing views in a group and finally coming to a solution for a world problem after a round of several virtual meetings.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Why CodeIgniter? Its Unmatched Benefits in Web Development

With countless open-source frameworks for PHP web development prevailing, if there's one platform that helps both web owners and developers together is CodeIgniter. Now, what makes it so is here to unveil through this post. However, the principle aspects about CodeIgniter known by most is the hassle-free development and seamless user experience. This is the thing that most website owners fall for because they know that their much-anticipated web solution will be developed at the fastest time and also with lower costs. Besides, there are lots of striking functionalities you can get running a CodeIgniter-based web solution.

#1 Agile Approach

The most mention-worthy benefit of the framework is that it deploys a simpler and agile approach. While one can use PHP language for crafting a solution with it, other components of the framework are too easy to use. The interface is pretty simple to understand, for which develop the site smoothly and swiftly.

#2 Great Programming support

Being a custom framework, CodeIgniter offers top-notch functionalities of programming and developers have the comfort to code in the most eminent way. While they can create everything straight from the scratch, no configurations are used. That means you can use the code once created later for other aspects of the website.

#3 Minimal configuration needs

It is perhaps one of the rarest frameworks with fewer configuration needs. It runs with the rule, "Write once, use everywhere. While programming one just needs to start with 'config.php" and consequently load the database, libraries and all arrays. There's no need for writing the database name every time for different programming.

#4 Easy and extensible

It makes a perfect fit PHP framework for many users who don't possess much technical skills. They are true and easily able to deploy and run a solution with CodeIgniter because of its less code requirements, easy-error handling, fast response time, no mandatory "installation". Further, it's extendable. Means, with it, one can write additional libraries, alter the pattern of pre-existing libraries and tweak in other elements to fit the web app's requirement.

#5 Inbuilt tools for security

The framework allows the owner of website or applications to decide and implement the level of security they want. While it has some of the default exceptional inbuilt security tools for filtered input and output. Secondly, there are other functions reinforcing top-level safety to the web solutions like encryption and decryption. Under these, all the data are sent and received through a secret installation, meaning no intruders can hack them.

Apart from these impeccable benefits, other perks of using CodeIgniter for web development include fast execution and installation time, proper file organisation, huge community support step-by-step development testing, easy customisation templates, and cache class.

Rob Stephen is an adept CodeIgnitexcc at PHPProgrammers, one of the visionary Australian web development company that offers entrepreneurs to hire CodeIgniter developers, to build A-one web applications to kickstart their business presence online. You can like and follow its Facebook page to get more updates on web technologies and development trends.